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Technical measures for safety of disassembly belt conveyor 3

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Update time : 2022-12-12 09:31:57
Other safety technical measures:
1, before lifting operations, to carefully check the lifting tools required in the operation, choose a moderate load, for more than the load core, through the replacement of suitable lifting equipment or objects disassembled, in line with the standard can be carried out lifting operations.
2, lifting objects, must be firmly bound, should be a detailed check of the force everywhere, no condition can be lifted. If an object has a diamond horn or smooth surface, a non-slip layer should be laid on the diamond horn or smooth surface.
3. When the chain wear of hand-pulled hoist exceeds 5% of the original diameter, it is strictly prohibited to use the hoist. When pulling the chain, both hands should make even force, not too fast. When lifting objects need to be suspended, the zipper should be tied on the large chain to prevent slippage.
4. Under no circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to balance the heavy objects being hoisted with human body weight, to stand on or down the lifting objects, and it is strictly prohibited to directly correct the tensioned lifting tools and other objects by hand.
5. During the lifting operation, the construction personnel must be under the unified command of the construction person in charge, and the construction personnel should concentrate their efforts. It is strictly prohibited to play and play, and unqualified lifting equipment is strictly prohibited to use.
6, disassemble the belt conveyor according to the measures step by step, it is strictly prohibited to work up and down at the same time.
7. It is strictly prohibited to work after drinking, and it is strictly prohibited to work after fatigue.
8. Each time, the personnel participating in the operation should understand the operation project, work content, plan the operation procedure in advance, and clarify the safety technical measures and relevant regulations related to the operation.
Construction scheme and demolition sequence:
1. Clean up the silt, loose coal and gangue of the roadway along the belt.
2. Remove the coal baffle, coal sweep, coal chute and other accessories to facilitate the removal of the belt conveyor.
3. Remove all kinds of belt centralized control protection systems, and classify and store them neatly.
4. Cut off the belt conveyor's total KBZ-400 feed, soft starter and mine flame retardant cable, and classify and store them neatly.
5. Before loosening the conveyor belt, the bottom conveyor belt shall be fixed with inverted chain to prevent sliding.
6. Push the tensioning winch starter to the reverse direction (loose) to highlight the conveyor belt.
7. Remove the tensioning winch and coil its wire rope to facilitate the well exit.
8. Loosen the conveyor belt connector, manually pull the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor into the trough by sections, and roll it up and place it in the wider place of the trough to facilitate the material transport team to transport it out of the well.
9. Remove the three rollers, straight rollers, H frames, beams and related accessories of the belt conveyor and deliver them to the designated place in time.
10. Remove the nose unloading drum
(1) Lift the lifting bolt, and then use two 5T chain rewinding to hang the unloading drum. After removing the fixing screws, lower the unloading drum to the safety area.
(2) Remove the head support unloading drum bracket, adhere to the principle of disassembly, disassemble the bracket and large parts into small parts and then load and transport.
11. Remove the head frame and driving drum
(1) Remove the protection net and side frame of the nose frame one by one and transport them to the designated place.
(2) Remove the reversing drum and drag roll.
(3) Separate the driving drum 1# and 2# to separate the reducer from the connecting device of the driving drum.
(4) Remove the screws fixing the driving drum, lay the sleepers on the lower part, and use 5T chain backing to move the driving drum to the specified position.
(5) After removing the side frame of the head frame and the tensioning device, all the accessories, such as the motor, reducer and base, will be displaced to the transport site by using the inverted chain.
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