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Rubber conveyor belt hot vulcanization joint technology

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Update time : 2022-12-13 11:42:13
1. Surface treatment of rubber conveyor belt: the conveyor belt joint is made into diagonal step type cover joint according to the length of 1/2 bandwidth, and then the surface of the joint is waxing, cleaned, decontaminated and dried with cleaning agent.
2. Rubber conveyor belt gluing: evenly brush the gluing vulcanized once or twice on the surface of the joint and vulcanized film, and then paste the vulcanized film on the surface of the joint coated with vulcanized glue until the surface is basically dry, and paste the buffer strip on the gap between the same cloth layer (note that if the glue is not thoroughly coated, it will produce bubble, resulting in the reduction of retention performance).
3, rubber conveyor belt bonding pressure: when the glue solvent volatilizes to the rubber surface is basically dry, the two ends will be bonded. When fitting from the conveyor belt middle to both sides of the fitting (to facilitate the air escape from both sides), and the film on both sides of the loose cable degree is consistent, the joint ladder alignment, the center line alignment. After fitting, fully roll to prevent the accumulation of bubbles, the two heating plates on the joint, press down to apply a certain pressure. When pressing, pay attention to the joint dislocation, the pressure should be uniform.
4. Heating vulcanization of rubber conveyor belt: Install the vulcanization device. Heating, pressure, when the heating plate heating 15-25 minutes, press once, to ensure that the joint by enough pressure. When the temperature reaches 80℃, the pressure is required to reach 1.0-2.0 MPa, and then stop the pressure and continue heating. When the temperature rises to 145℃, start the timing, the constant temperature is 145℃ to 150℃, 45 nail the bell, immediately stop heating, let it cool to normal temperature.
5, rubber conveyor belt dressing. After the joint is restored to normal temperature, remove the heating plate and cut off the overflow residual glue and rubber above the belt surface to make the surface of the joint even, smooth and clean
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