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What kind of large inclination conveyor belt is of higher quality

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Update time : 2022-08-11 10:28:04

Quality stand or fall of large Angle conveyor belt is related to the service life of the high and low, which is a kind of important factors directly affect the production cost, especially the mass use of belt factory, more need to strictly control the quality of belt, determine the quality is no problem to use, otherwise not only a waste of manpower, a waste of time, a waste of money. So how should we choose a good large inclination conveyor belt when we choose and buy? Let's share it with you.

First, belt: with fingernails hard to pinch the surface of the belt, if it is a high quality rubber belt will certainly not be broken damage, the depression will soon recover in a few seconds, the worse the quality of the belt to recover the slower or even completely will not recover.

Two, look at the belt, check the surface of the conveyor belt, high quality rubber conveyor belt rubber surface should be no bubbles, groove, dry scar and other bad conditions, the higher the quality of the belt is smooth, the workmanship largely reflects the quality of the product.

3. Check the inner core: cut the side of the belt. The inner core of the high-quality rubber belt is clearly layered and the thickness of the covering layer is uniform; Low-quality belts will appear uneven thickness of the covering layer, some places thick, some places thin. Four, smell: high-quality belt smell light, will not choke the nose, and inferior products will have a serious pungent smell.

Rubber conveyor belt as a frequently used product, to strictly control the quality of the belt, otherwise a large number of losses will inevitably cause a significant rise in costs, indirectly reduce product revenue, we hope that the above methods to give you analysis can help users choose high quality large inclination conveyor belt.

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