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What is the reason for the slippage of the climbing conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-05-16 17:31:59

There are many types of conveyor belts, and different environments require different types of conveyor belts. The climbing conveyor belt is the most common one and is used for climbing transportation. However, prolonged use can cause slippage. What is the reason?

1. The material is blocked.

The clogging of foreign matter is one of the common causes of drum damage. If the foreign matter is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the drum. When the drum fails to work properly, the belt will also be greatly affected, and problems such as serious deviation or even breakage may occur.

2. Insufficient tension.

Climbing conveyor belt is a commonly used material conveying equipment, and its material has certain ductility. During use, due to the long-term effect of gravity and friction, the belt will gradually become longer, resulting in insufficient tension. This will cause problems such as slippage and friction reduction.

3. Not enough friction.

On the climbing conveyor belt, if there is mud or dust, it will quickly reduce the friction coefficient, causing slippage. This will not only affect the transmission efficiency and quality, but may also lead to equipment failure and safety accidents.

Therefore, avoid rain and humidity during use, clean the surface of the conveyor belt in time, and take effective measures to prevent the re-deposition of pollutants, regularly check and adjust the high temperature to slow down the tension of the slope conveyor belt, and the belt is prone to slipping when it is stained with oil. It should be checked regularly. If the belt is accidentally stained with oil, it should be wiped clean with a rag in time to protect it. At the same time, when selecting the material of the conveyor belt, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance should also be considered to ensure long-term stable operation.