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What are the types of telescopic conveyor

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Update time : 2022-07-19 15:50:59
At present, because the telescopic conveyor market is widely used, the development of the telescopic conveyor field has made great progress. No matter from the structure type, use purpose, machine architecture, etc., all have special design ideas and functions.
The following xiaobian will give you an example from the use of you: what are the types of telescopic conveyor?
1, retractable belt conveyor: mainly used to transmit packaged products, such as cartons, foam boxes, woven bags, buckets and so on. Or is itself more hard, but the price is more expensive some items, such as car tires. The purpose of the retractable belt conveyor is to reduce the wear and tear produced in the way of loading and unloading and transportation for these products, and improve the value of the products themselves.
2, telescopic belt conveyor: mainly used to transmit some materials or products in bulk, such as sand, ore and so on, easy to improve the transmission speed of these bulk products. Mainly used in dredging sand, seagoing ships, mining areas and other industrial use places.
3, telescopic roller conveyor: mostly used for unloading some drinks, mainly used to unload glass bottles, cans of beer. The aim is to reduce the cost of machinery and improve the efficiency of workers. However, the disadvantages of this product are obvious, and it is easy to cause certain damage to the transportation products.
For the introduction of the telescopic conveyor model types here, the current market use of equipment are basically these three types, the first two have occupied a very high proportion of the market share, the third because of the problem of transportation damage rate, market share is reduced, there may be no use of this product in the future.