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Precautions for the use of telescopic roller conveyors

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Update time : 2022-07-19 15:01:26
The use of telescopic roller conveyor can save time for the transportation of some hard objects and improve the overall transportation efficiency. And telescopic roller conveyor structure is simple, high reliability, easy to use and maintenance.
Only in the process of using the telescopic roller conveyor, there are the following points of use need to pay attention to:
Note on the use of telescopic roller conveyor
First, during the operation of the power drum, it should be noted that the bearing is necessary to operate with appropriate things when repairing. Especially in repair and handling, be careful not to use existing things instead.
Two, pay attention to the bearing of the power drum, there will be no serious corrosion problem. During the operation, gloves should be worn, because during the operation, palm sweat dripping on the machine accessories, easy to rust the important part of the mechanical equipment.
Three, the bearing of the power drum, and many parts around the bearing, need regular cleaning and maintenance. On this basis, dust and debris are not easy to fall into the bearing, thus forming bearing damage. Many people are very simple and negligent through this process.
Four, electric roller in the use of bearings, need to pay attention to is prohibited from being subjected to strong impact, if the result of doing so is that the equipment is running directly caused by serious cracks, if serious, will lead to cracks and cracking.
5. During the operation of the power drum, the operator should grasp the operation status of the equipment and bearings to ensure that compensation can be made in certain quantitative aspects.
In addition to the above problems, the telescopic roller conveyor in the use of the process, but also need to develop the necessary operating standards, and standards of operation behavior, to avoid damage caused by non-standard operation.