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What are the reasons for the aging of rubber products?

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Update time : 2022-08-22 20:15:09
What are the causes of rubber aging? Internal reasons:
1. Molecular structure of rubber: if the rubber molecule is too large, the cross-linking density will become larger, so the bond between molecules is relatively weak, and it will be easier to age.
2. Rubber is not saturated and prone to aging.
3 according to different curing, aging resistance is not the same.
4 rubber will be mixed with metal medium, if the metal medium is too much, it will greatly speed up the aging of rubber, so it is necessary to effectively control the content of metal molecules.
What are the external factors contributing to rubber aging?
1. Physical factors: the influence of electric energy, light energy and radiation.
2. Chemical factors: ozone, acid, alkali, ultraviolet, etc.
3. Biological factors: the influence of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and molds.
4. Insects: Some insects feed on polymer materials, like termites. They build nests in rubber.
It is reported that the most influential factors of rubber aging are thermal oxygen aging, photooxygen aging, ozone aging and fatigue aging.
How to protect rubber products against aging? Rubber aging can not be completely prevented from aging, we can slow down the aging through some effective methods. Add paraffin wax to rubber products, or coat the surface of rubber products with rubber protective wax, or add anti-aging agent to the products. Now there are many kinds of rubber protective wax, which can effectively prevent the aging of rubber products.