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Several molding processes of rubber products

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Update time : 2022-08-17 19:28:22
What are the molding processes of the conveyor belt production of rubber products? Different rubber products have different production processes, such as the production process and molding process of tires is more complicated, and some flat, plate, bag shaped these molding processes will be simpler. The appearance of rubber products is different and the application is different, and the process used in production is also different. The following bucket elevator conveyor belt manufacturers analyze several molding processes of rubber products:
1. Molding molding:
Used for rubber products with complex shapes, such as rubber wrist and rubber seal ring
2. Injection molding:
Injection of rubber to maintain a good softness and smoothness, in order to make rubber products to maintain beautiful appearance and size standards and other details, mainly used in rubber tire surface and hose, etc., when the rubber into the hopper, will be produced according to different shapes.
3. Calendering molding:
This molding process is mainly suitable for relatively simple rubber products, such as conveyor belt, rubber dam, and rubber plate and other products. According to the use of different environment made of different thickness and performance. The conveyor belt will be clamped in the production, and the fiber material should be coated with glue when the cloth is clamped. This process is called wiping glue. Before wiping glue, we must ensure a dryness of the fiber material, otherwise it will affect the quality of rubber products when curing.
Gelatinizing process can be completed in the calendering machine, gelatinizing is an important step in production, in order to glue and fiber materials closely together, improve the service life and quality of rubber products.
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