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What are the reasons for frequent sprinkling along the belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-02-03 09:29:12
The frequent scattering along the conveyor belt is caused by the deviation of the conveyor belt and the blocking of the material. When the conveyor belt runs off, the conveyor belt is biased to one side, resulting in inconsistent height of both conveyor belts, and materials are scattered from the low side of the conveyor belt. And the conveyor material blocking is caused by material accumulation, resulting in material overflow from the edge of the guide trough to form the scattering.
Conveyor belt deviation adjustment method:
1. When the conveyor belt runs off in the middle of the conveyor, the method of adjusting the bearing roller can be adopted. Which side of the conveyor belt is biased, which side of the idler group moves forward to the forward direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side moves back. Adjust the Angle of the idler according to the principle of "running tight and not running loose". The adjustment method of non-load-bearing rollers is opposite to the adjustment direction of load-bearing rollers.
2. For the conveyor with short length, it can try to install the self-aligning idlers. The self-aligning idlers use barrier to make the idlers rotate in the horizontal plane to block or generate transverse thrust, forcing the conveyor belt to automatically center, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the conveyor belt deviation. This operation is only suitable for short length or two-way running conveyor. Immet reminds that the aligning idlers will have a certain impact on the life of the conveyor belt.
3. Adjust the relative position between the driving drum and the tail reversing drum or reversing drum. The adjustment of the driving roller and the reversing roller is an important link in the adjustment of the deviation of the conveyor belt. A conveyor is installed with multiple rollers, and the installation position of the rollers must be ensured to be perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt. If the deviation is too much, it will easily occur. The adjustment method is similar to that of the idler. Before adjustment, the actual offset between the center line of the roller and the center line of the conveyor belt must be determined to ensure the correct position of the roller after adjustment.
4. The adjustment method at the tensioning of the conveyor belt is similar to that at the drum. Attention should be paid to the two reversing drums at the upper part of the weight, which should be perpendicular to the length direction of the conveyor belt and perpendicular to the vertical gravity line. When using spiral or hydraulic tensioning, the two bearing seats of the tensioning drum should be translated at the same time to ensure that the axis of the drum is vertical and vertical with the conveyor belt. Material blocking and spreading at the transfer point of the production line:
The plugging material of the production line mostly appears in the transfer place, and the spreading material is mainly in the hopper, the guide groove and so on. If the conveyor conveying material is large, or the rubber plate on both sides of the guide trough wear, it will lead to the material from the guide trough on both sides of the spill. For the above situation, we can control the conveyor capacity and strengthen the daily maintenance of equipment to solve.