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Structural composition of rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-02-03 09:36:12
First, the structural composition of rubber conveyor belt - fabric core conveyor belt
1. Frame material (with skeleton)
Bone material is the key to the bearing capacity of the conveyor belt, which determines the tensile strength and tensile modulus of the conveyor belt, maintains the good grooving property of the conveyor belt, and can absorb the impact of materials on the conveyor belt. At the same time, the conveyor belt keeps a small extension.
2, core layer (glue)
In the process of use, the core layer of the compound makes the reinforced material fabric between the layers have a good bonding strength, avoid the phenomenon of core stratification.
3, coated with glue
Rubber layer is the guarantee of the normal work of the conveyor belt, it can protect the skeleton material, transfer power, transport materials, absorb material impact, wear resistance. Special conveyor belt adhesive with heat preservation, flame retardant, acid, alkali, oil and other chemical corrosion and other functions, at the same time, the adhesive also has the increase of friction coefficient, can achieve large Angle, large speed transmission function.
4. Edge glue
The function of the edge glue is to protect the skeleton material from the erosion of the medium, absorb the extrusion on the side of the conveyor belt, and prevent the stratification of the core.
Two, steel wire rope core conveyor belt
1. Frame material (core of wire rope)
The rope core gives the conveyor belt higher strength and reduces the service elongation. So the rope core conveyor belt is suitable for long distance, high strength, high power transmission.
2, wire rope core adhesive (glue)
Interlayer cement can form good bonding strength between wire ropes. Transfer stress to prevent core evacuation during use.
3. Covering agent
The rubber covering function of rope core conveyor belt is the same as that of fabric core conveyor belt, which is also the guarantee of normal operation of conveyor belt.
4. Preparation of edge glue