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What are the advantages of polyester rubber conveyor?

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Update time : 2022-08-15 11:35:59
Polyester rubber conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt with many applications. The structure of this belt is processed together by multi-layer polyester canvas, and covered with wear-resistant rubber layer on both sides. So how much do you know about this polyester rubber conveyor?Next Xiaobian for you to explain. 

1, polyester rubber conveyor belt has good water resistance, even if used in a humid environment, it will not have a bad effect, can work normally and stably; 

2, the white conveyor belt points out that it has many advantages such as extremely elastic, good impact resistance, strong tear resistance and so on, which can meet the special needs of many working environments; 

3, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance is far superior to similar products, cost-effective; 

4, load in line with the case of low stretch length, and anti-slip performance is superior, very suitable for some specific environment transport needs, in the case of long-distance transport is extremely competitive, is a very superior performance of a material. 

5, the cover of the wear-resistant adhesive layer is of high strength, strong and wear-resistant, and the service life has greater advantages than other products. 

6, low density, made of thin belt body, plastic capacity in the production process, can greatly improve the transportation capacity and can reduce a large part of the energy consumption rate, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. 

7. The white conveyor belt points out that the overall tear resistance and tensile resistance of the polyester rubber conveyor belt are extremely prominent, which can effectively prevent a lot of belt tear and wear, convenient and worry free, and easy to maintain. 

8, the adhesion and strength between the inner layer and the layer is much higher than other products, not easy to peel, not easy to wear, the service life is greatly extended.
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