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Why there will be friction between the conveyor belt and the idler, how to solve

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Update time : 2022-08-16 18:54:40
The conveyor belt will inevitably have friction with the idler in use, but we will find that the friction between the conveyor belt and the idler will become more and more serious in actual production, which will seriously affect the service life of both. Therefore, the friction between the belt and the idler should be reduced as far as possible in the production process. So what should we do about it? Next small make up for you to analyze.
Generally speaking, there are several reasons for abnormal friction between conveyor belt and idler:
The first possibility is that the aligning roller is worn when correcting deviation, which will lead to a certain tilt of the roller, and then lead to the rotation and rotation of the rotary frame is no longer inflexible. If the rotation cannot be reset in time, serious friction between the belt and the idler will occur.
The second case is roller skid. Sometimes, roller skid occurs due to quality problems, which will lead to wear between roller and conveyor belt due to relative sliding.
The third case is the failure to install the idler frame correctly; Due to incorrect roller installation, the roller axis line will not be perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, which will lead to slip between the belt and the roller, resulting in wear.
Since we know the reasons, we must solve these problems, first of all, keep the roller axis line perpendicular to the conveyor belt center line; Secondly, both sides of the tilt roller and the middle horizontal roller have the same tilt Angle, all the middle rollers on the same horizontal plane, so that all the rollers and the conveyor with a good contact, to ensure that the force of each roller uniform. Third, formulate a strict roller maintenance system, roller damage should be replaced in time.
Although conveyor belt wear is very common, if this problem can not be solved well, it may lead to more serious problems, so the majority of users should pay attention to this problem.