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The hardness of rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-11-08 11:52:33
Let me take you to understand the common hardness problems of rubber conveyor belt
The hardness of rubber conveyor belt is related to the amount of wear. The general hardness is between 50-70. So, is the harder the better? Of course not, or according to the specific requirements of the rubber belt performance and conveying materials.
If the logistics of transportation is stone, sand, coal, hard materials, etc., it is still better to be hard, because the hardness is higher, the wear resistance is stronger, and the service life is stronger.
If it is a heat-resistant material and has sharp edges and corners, it needs to be soft, so as to cushion the impact on the tape. Soft means that the performance of thermal expansion and cold contraction is better. Better service life. Conveyor belt damage has many adverse effects on the safe operation of conveyor belt and even causes serious injury to personnel. The so-called nip in the middle, Qingdao Lianzhong manufacturers remind you that we must do a good job in peacetime conveyor belt damage prevention measures.
1. Replace the discharging hopper with the discharging port of the coal machine, and tilt at a certain Angle to increase the buffer, so as not to fall directly on the conveyor belt.
2. The operator has been trained before taking up the post and can operate independently.
3. The inspection workers and maintenance workers should learn the deviation adjustment method carefully, make careful inspection, timely replace the supporting roller that is about to break or the rotation is not flexible with a new supporting roller, and replace the faulty supporting roller in time.
4. Lengthen the guide trough and conveyor belt cover at all coal falling points, and add 3-5ITI mesh guide material protection net to prevent gangue from getting stuck or falling between the roller bracket and the conveyor belt in the return section.
5. Weld several supports on the supporting roller frame for reinforcement, and repair welding of each welding port to increase the strength of the supporting roller frame. Add hanging ear hooks above the groove where the supporting roller is placed to fix the supporting roller, so as not to let the supporting roller fall down.
6. Strengthen the management of the coal face, so that the large lump coal and gangue cannot be transferred to the conveyor belt. After implementation, the roller was hardly dropped and the roller frame was not damaged, which effectively protected the conveyor belt.
7. Add 2 idlers to each idler frame in the depression of the roadway of all belt conveyors to reduce the span of idler frame and increase the density of idler frame, so that the conveyor belt will no longer droop in the idler frame when carrying coal through the depression.
8, strengthen the safety and civilized production of belt conveyor roadway and mining face, so that it can meet the requirements of standardization.
9. Make four U-shaped rings, fix the four angles of the tensioned trolley on the rail, prevent it from jumping up and down and swinging from side to side, and prevent the lane from falling, while the forward and backward movement will not affect.
10. Strengthen technical training, responsibility education and discipline strengthening for belt conveyor drivers, maintenance workers and patrol workers, and get the certificate after passing the examination.
11. Strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the belt conveyor safety protection device.
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