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How to solve the problem of conveyor belt edge

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Update time : 2022-11-08 11:47:09
With the fast pace of life in the era, many production enterprises are assembly line operation, at this time the conveyor belt comes in handy, the conveyor belt due to large throughput, light quality, strong transmission capacity, simple structure,
Easy to maintain and other features are favored by enterprise users. But the conveyor belt is running at high speed every day, it is inevitable that there will be some failures, such as the problem of side groove.
So, how to solve the problem of conveyor belt side groove? Let's find out more about it.
When the conveyor belt side groove problem, we should fundamentally find the reason, there are two main reasons for this problem, one is the formula; The second is the process.
First, the formula: refers to the formula of the edge glue, its fluidity is poor, and glue and cover can not achieve co-vulcanization; Then the process; Refers to the conveyor belt billet forming process, the billet side is not neat,
The upper glue process is not done as required, and there is a gap between the edge glue and the strip blank, leading to the above problems.
Then is the vulcanization process: if there is no problem in the above two aspects, in the vulcanization process, groove width and compression ratio to master (familiar and can be used) is not suitable will also appear side groove and side glue empty phenomenon.
The edge groove problem of the conveyor belt is mainly about the edge glue problem:
1. The edge glue is not good and the compression ratio is too small, resulting in lack of material.
2. The edge glue is not good, causing silicone oil to penetrate into the separation interface.
When the conveyor belt side groove failure occurs, do not panic, check the cause. Usually also should pay attention to regular maintenance, early detection, early maintenance, reduce the chance of failure, reduce the number of equipment overhaul, improve production efficiency.
I hope our introduction has been helpful to your understanding.