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The belt conveyor before starting the preparatory work

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Update time : 2022-12-16 18:42:09
Belt conveyor drivers must be trained, and obtained a certificate of qualification. Belt conveyor drivers must be familiar with equipment performance, structure, principle and operation methods, and be able to deal with general faults.
Preparation before startup
(1) Check whether the parts are damaged and fastened, whether the safety protection devices are complete and effective, whether there are obstacles, and whether the roadway support is good. In case of crisis and hidden dangers of equipment or personal safety, effective measures must be taken to deal with them.
(2) Check whether the communication and signal system is smooth, and whether the cable hanging is neat and qualified.
(3) Check whether the amount of oil of the reducer and hydraulic coupler is appropriate and whether there is oil leakage.
(4) There is no floating coal or other obstacles at the driving roller and supporting roller.
(5) After confirming that there is no problem, first send the start signal, move the transport machine 2-3 times, and start the equipment for a week after 10 seconds. Carefully listen to whether the sound of each part is normal, whether the operation button is flexible and reliable, observe whether the belt runs off course, skidding, beating or scratching phenomenon, whether the joint is intact, whether the roller rotation is flexible, and timely deal with any problems.