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Design of automatic deflection system for belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-16 18:57:29
Belt conveyor in the whole process of running the more common fault is the conveyor belt deviation. If it is not solved in time, when the deviation exceeds the limit value, the conveyor belt edge will produce strong friction with the roller frame or sound card frame. The belt conveyor is also known as the belt conveyor, it is generally visible from the contact posture of the transmission machine equipment lifting one, so many years because the belt conveyor in the transport capacity level is very large, the specific maintenance is more convenient, all the operation must cost level is very low, and in the structure level is very simple, balanced and reliable operation, The specific operation of the friction resistance is small, the operation consumption of electricity is not big, it is very easy to carry out the actual operation and application of automation technology.
The belt conveyor can be widely used in metallurgy, industry, power engineering and chemical plants and many other factories and mining enterprises, for example, in the coal industry, the belt conveyor is used in the coal lane and the key transport lane and its oblique alley to carry out applications, can also be widely used in the road production and manufacturing system software and coal mine. The situation of conveyor belt deviation is one of the common faults that often occur in the belt conveyor. Only according to the scientific research and delicate analysis on the occurrence of this common fault, and the necessary scientific research on the system software of the belt conveyor and its conveyor belt related automatic control system, we can make the complicated whole process more and more simple.
In the specific operation of the belt conveyor, the problem is very easy to occur in the situation of conveyor belt deviation. If timely treatment can not be carried out, there will be strong friction between the edge of the conveyor belt and the idler frame or the sound card frame, which will quickly wear away some protective layers on the edge of the conveyor belt, resulting in corrosion of some air with core return moisture resulting in rapid destruction. More serious is also likely to lead to the destruction of the conveyor belt, resulting in some ribbon safety accidents. For example, in the transmission of coal and mining, the situation of some outward coal is mostly due to the conveyor belt occurred some serious deviation. This situation and the execution instructions, to avoid deviation is a key problem in the application and maintenance of the belt conveyor.
Basic way of barrel deflection adjustment: there are two key ways of reversing deflection adjustment. One is to use the overall adjustment way of axial pressure, and the other is to immediately manipulate the part of the bridge shaft. We will discuss and design the scheme below is mainly the first way in the front. According to the relevant information now grasped and collected and its detailed introduction, the amount of trees adjusted in all bearing end covers and the amount of conveyor belt moving across the middle mostly maintain a linear transformation. The specific orientation that must be adjusted is based on the deviation orientation of the conveyor belt and the specific operation orientation of the conveyor belt to carry out the actual definition. The general way of field application is to make relative adjustment for the driving drum seat related to the deviation side and the running orientation of the conveyor belt.
Design of automatic deviation control system: The key basic principle of automatic deviation adjustment is the application of deviation sensor to carry out specific tests on the relevant data signals, so that the relevant hydraulic transmission system as all the implementation of the organization, if the conveyor belt edge occurs more than the allowable parts of the situation, it must maintain the machine equipment level is fully intact, and in accordance with the requirements of the guide to carry out the actual operation, For the upper end of the conveyor belt operation need not exceed the drum and its roller edge, also to ensure that the conveyor belt is not prone to ball mill frame conditions. Ensure that the deviated sensor can touch and then operate the hydraulic system. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in the conversion of the relay to complete the liquid supply to all the oil motor levels. The motor of the hydraulic press must follow the screw machine to push the small chain to complete the change of all the axle shafts, complete the final shift and regression. When the conveyor belt is calibrated to the permitted part, the sensor of deviation will be loosened, and then the operation of the hydraulic oil pump to terminate the liquid supply will be completed, so that all relays will return to zero and deviation adjustment will be completed. We give full consideration to the instantaneous speed of the conveyor belt deflection. The equipment can be set in the power circuit of the angular displacement sensor and the operation control board of the hydraulic system, so that the contact time of all the deviation sensor can be 30 seconds, so that the deviation equipment can be run.
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