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Stainless steel chain plate how to daily maintenance and extend the service life

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Update time : 2022-08-08 11:17:30
Stainless steel chain plate how to daily maintenance and increase the service life, maintenance of what to pay attention to, let's take a look.
1. Sometimes the stainless steel chain plate is not loose bolts, and the temperature of the motor should not exceed the rated current, and the temperature difference between the bearing and the environment should not be greater than 35 degrees.
2. Check the stainless steel chain plate should pay attention to clean up the dirt in the chain plate gap in time, so as not to be stretched.
Has been on the maintenance manual for you to provide two, I hope that these can make our stainless steel chain plate service life will increase.
The role of stainless steel chain plate is very important, and more applications, in the usual use of stainless steel chain plate will inevitably appear large and small faults, then we need to repair it, so in the usual use of the time to maintain and maintain it, so that can increase its service life. So how to do specifically to increase the service life of stainless steel chain plate? Let's take a look.
At ordinary times is very useful for maintenance of stainless steel chain plate, in order to enable it to achieve service life, reduce the loss of the equipment after equipment use at ordinary times to turn off the power supply in time, a while will be carried out on the equipment surface cleaning, stainless steel chain plate need maintenance, carry out the maintenance personnel should be determined by the equipment, the relevant personnel do not operate without authorization, So as not to cause economic losses and accidents. When the equipment fails, do not blindly carry out maintenance, to ask engineering personnel to repair, so as not to cause damage to the equipment.