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How to prevent the conveyor belt from wearing too fast?

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Update time : 2022-08-04 08:50:51
1. In order to reduce the front and rear slope of the conveyor belt, the staff should investigate the site before construction to ensure that the end of the conveyor is on the same level to avoid local concentrated force. The belt is connected by vulcanization method. After vulcanization, the front and rear ends of the conveyor belt are smooth and the center line overlaps. The thickness of the front and rear ends should be within the technical requirements. 2. Ensure that the speed of each set of idlers is consistent with the speed of the conveyor belt. After installation, arrange a special person to check each set of rollers to ensure that the axis of the rollers is perpendicular to the conveyor belt. During the period from delivery to trial operation, the staff should count the speed of each set of idlers, and find the idler with slow speed and deal with it in time. 3. In order to prevent the conveyor from deviating, an anti-deviation device can be installed on the conveyor every 100m. The device is mainly composed of belt jump start-stop device, anti-running roller and other parts. When the conveyor has a serious deviation, the belt jump start and stop device can immediately cut off the power supply of the conveyor and adjust it manually. When the conveyor deviation is not serious, it can be adjusted by the anti-deviation roller. 4. In the daily production process, maintenance personnel should use the maintenance time to maintain the conveyor belt and rollers, and replace the rollers that do not meet the requirements or are damaged in time to ensure the sensitivity of the rollers. Each shift should arrange a special person to observe the materials on the conveyor belt, find that there are large pieces of material, anchor bolts, irons, and clean up in time, and install an iron remover every 500m above the conveyor belt. 5. In the overlapping part of the conveyor belt, the vertical height of the two conveyor belts should not be too large, so as to avoid the impact of the upper conveyor belt material on the lower conveyor belt is too large. At the same time, a buffer device is installed in the overlapping part, which can reduce the speed of the large material. Through this article, everyone must have some understanding of conveyor belts. If you want to know more about conveyor belts, pattern conveyor belts, and lifting conveyor belts, please contact us by phone.
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