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Selection method of drum diameter for belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-01-16 13:30:35
The belt conveyor takes the conveyor belt as the traction force and the bearing member, and carries out the material conveying through the movement of the conveying belt bearing the material. The belt conveyor can be composed of a complex assembly line with other conveying equipment, in the design of the belt conveyor drum selection is very important, the main index of choosing the drum is the diameter of the drum, the following take a look at the belt conveyor drum diameter selection method.
1. Maximum or average specific pressure between conveyor belt and roller surface.
2, coating and coating deformation.
3. Utilization rate of allowable strength of conveyor belt (that is, percentage ratio of maximum tension of conveyor belt to allowable tension of conveyor belt).
4. The frequency of bending of the conveyor belt (related to the winding method, the number of bypassing drums, distance and speed).
5, the installation site and use conditions of the conveyor (such as: ground, underground, open air, mobile, fixed, etc.).
6. Bending stress of conveyor belt when it bypasses the drum.