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Safety operation and maintenance of large dip Angle conveyor

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Update time : 2023-04-14 11:48:37
Whether the conveyor can run normally for a long time is directly related to whether it can operate correctly and safely and whether it can be maintained regularly.
(I) Safe operation:
(1) The blanking height should be reduced as far as possible and the impact of materials on the conveyor belt should be reduced to avoid damaging the conveyor belt.
(2) The factors causing deviation must be found and eliminated in time.
(3) Adhere to the daily maintenance system to avoid man-machine accidents.
(4) No-load start or stop, strictly abide by the operating procedures.
(5) Make maintenance records of equipment use and complete shift handover work.
(II) Maintenance:
1. Contents of inter-shift maintenance:
(1) Check whether there is any abnormal situation in the joint of the belt, such as the damage caused by cuts and cracks.
(2) Check whether the upper and lower rubber of the belt is worn, and whether the guard belt is worn.
(3) Check whether the rubber scraper of the cleaning device is seriously worn and cannot be in close contact with the belt. If so, the rubber scraper should be adjusted or replaced in time.
(4) It is necessary to keep the rotation of each idler flexible, daily replacement of non-rotating or damaged idlers,
(5) Prevent the tape from running off, so that the tape keeps running on the center line.
2. Regular maintenance
(1) Oil all kinds of bearings regularly
(2) All anchor bolts and beam connecting bolts should be reoiled periodically.
(3) Repair or replace worn parts or components.
(4) Repair or replace the tape.