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Pattern conveyor belt: How to roll silicone rubber?

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Update time : 2022-08-28 16:05:18
Patterned conveyor belt How to calendering silicone rubber? Calender is generally USES vertical three-roller calender, used in the production of film, rolling speed should not be faster, silicone rubber for rolling right control the degree of refining, rubber mixing machine again not fully refined, decorative pattern conveyor belt manufacturers recommendations to ensure rolling process can be enough against the devil, so that you can avoid rubber in the rolling process due to the excessive smelting glue roller.
After calendering, silicone rubber should be gelatinized. How to gelatinize? The pattern conveyor belt manufacturers report that gluing refers to the use of silicone rubber slurry on the fabric by dipping or scraping to improve the strength and flexion performance of film products. The silicone rubber after gluing can be used to produce electrical insulation materials with high temperature.
We focus on the steps of gelatinizing, first of all to prepare the glue, used as the glue of the material dosage is slightly larger than the general model products. It is recommended that the slurry be kept in an environment below 40 degrees Celsius. After coating the mucilage fabric should be preliminary treatment, coating fabric we usually choose is the glass cloth, nylon cloth, polyester cloth, etc., one glass cloth have good heat resistance performance and the effect of high intensity, so the application will be more, because of the glass fiber in the process of drawing will be coated with paraffin, under curing temperature is more volatile, It will affect the combination of rubber and rubber, so before gluing, the pattern conveyor belt manufacturers suggest that the glass fiber be dewaxed first. Nylon and polyester fabrics should be heat-treated for a short time due to their high thermal deformation, which will affect the combination of rubber and fabric. The final step is to glue the fabric.
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