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What are the skeleton materials for the conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-08-28 16:14:42
What are the skeleton materials for the pattern conveyor belt? Skeleton materials for high temperature resistant conveyor belt performance and service life of the rubber products play a decisive role, is the main component, can have the effect of keep rubber products dimension stability, the skeleton material usually choose polyester conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, etc., below I introduce conveyor belt skeleton material.
Pattern conveyor belt skeleton materials mainly include polyester and nylon, but it is generally believed that the polyester canvas conveyor belt manufacturer more excellent properties than others, but the performance that embodies the superiority of the obvious enough in the conveyor belt, the main reason is the conveyor belt manufacturer chooses the structure of the canvas is not reasonable enough, at present, our country in addition to regular the canvas conveyor belt manufacturers use, Also developed high temperature resistant canvas and so on, although the structure changes little, but in the structure and performance of these two aspects still need to be improved and improved.
The canvas used for the pattern conveyor belt can be divided into plain canvas, Oxford textile canvas, twill organized canvas and so on in structure. (1) Plain canvas, plain canvas is made of a warp and a weft, suitable for lightweight conveyor belt.
(2) Oxford textile canvas, Oxford textile canvas is made of 2 warp threads and 1 (or 2) weft threads interwoven, suitable for heavyweight conveyor belt. Oxford textile canvas has good tear resistance and can improve the transverse tear resistance of conveyor belt.
(3) twill fabric canvas, fabric firm, overcome the synthetic fiber filament fabric due to the smooth surface of the fiber so that the longitude and latitude of the shortcomings of easy sliding, but also has the advantages of high tearing strength. Twill fabric canvas is suitable for heavy weight conveyor belt, which can reduce the number of canvas layers.