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Movable folding belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-29 09:16:45
The mobile folding conveyor is composed of a frame, a moving wheel at the lower part of the frame and a roller at the upper part of the frame. Its feature is that the frame is connected by a hinge shaft on the crossing point of the support rod arranged in pairs, and the two ends of the connecting rod of the roller are arranged respectively at the joint of each two support rods. It can be according to the requirements of the conveying site or changes, only a conveyor, by changing the steering or corner of the conveying logistics, can complete the logistics transportation in all directions, folding conveyor, not only reduces the equipment investment, reduce production costs, but also improve the work efficiency, at the same time after folding will not occupy too much site, so it is a modern warehouse logistics transportation in the ideal conveyor. Mainly used for bulk grain or package grain transportation, loading and unloading, dumping and other operations, indoor and outdoor can be used. This machine has two kinds of fast and slow transmission speed to improve the utilization rate of equipment, can be folded conveyor selection, play a number of functions. Foldable, easy to move, simple structure, easy maintenance.
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