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Retractable belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-28 11:14:43
The telescopic belt conveyor can be freely telescopic in the direction of length, at any time to control the length of the conveyor. It can be used in combination with other conveying equipment and material sorting system to realize automatic production of material loading and unloading or vehicle loading and unloading. It has been widely used in various industries. It is often used for channeling transportation of fully mechanized mining face or high-grade common mining face in underground coal mines, and can also be used for roadway tunneling system.
Main components: The head is composed of the head frame, the driving drum, the transmission device, the unloading arm and the unloading drum.
In order to increase the wrapping Angle of the belt on the drum, generally the telescopic belt conveyor adopts double drum drive, which can be driven by one, two or three motors according to the power size
The transmission device is composed of motor 1, hydraulic coupler 2, reducer 3 and transmission drum and other components.
The belt storage device is used to temporarily store the excess tape of a certain length before or after the extension of the telescopic belt conveyor, so as to meet the needs of the continuous advance or retreat of the coal face.
With the reprinting machine in the belt conveyor tail forward, the two will be heavy a certain distance "equal to the overlap length of the two, then the reprinting machine can not continue to move forward, must be the belt conveyor tail back f long, in order to provide the reprinting machine to continue to move forward.
The tail of the belt conveyor has been shortened in length. The excess tape after the tail is shortened can be temporarily stored in the storage bin. The length of the tape storage bin L must be able to store a roll of tape (50 m or 100 m). It is related to the number of fixed drums and active drums in the storage bin.
When there is only one fixed drum and one movable drum, the length of the tape storage bin can reach 50m (when the length of a roll of tape is 100m). If there are two fixed drums and two movable drums, it can be halved to 25m.
The function of the tensioning device is to make the belt have a certain tensioning force at the separation point of the driving drum. The body of the telescopic belt conveyor has two kinds: hanging type and floor type.
Hanging fuselage structure is relatively simple, save steel, not affected by roadway floor bulge and water, easy to clean and maintenance. But when the fuselage, tail moved forward, two renai hanging steel rope and inconvenient.
The advantages of the floor-to-ceiling fuselage structure are light weight, simple roller suspension installation, convenient assembly and disassembly.
In addition to the role of the tail of the tape through the tail drum back to the head, for the transfer machine walking trolley to provide slideway, and bear the transfer machine unloaded coal.
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