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Mechanical structure and parameters of pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-24 20:52:34
As a common assembly line conveyor equipment, the pattern conveyor belt has been used very much in recent years. Due to the continuous optimization of the conveyor machinery, the pattern conveyor belt can save labor and improve work efficiency. He can transport the kind is very much, can transport all kinds of bulk material.
1. Structure of the pattern conveyor belt assembly line: the structure of the belt conveyor is diverse, including large inclination conveyor belt machinery, flat conveyor, climbing conveyor and so on. Commonly used rubber conveyor belt can be divided into: ordinary canvas type conveyor machinery, pattern conveyor belt machinery, cold resistant conveyor belt machinery and so on. The high temperature conveying machinery is mainly composed of frame, pattern conveyor belt, roller, tensioning device, transmission device and so on.
2. The mechanical parameters of the decorative pattern conveyor belt: the parameters are according to the assembly process of the product, and the width of the belt body is specified according to the actual use. It is mainly divided into: conveying capacity: according to the conveying capacity of high temperature resistant conveyor belt materials within the specified time unit. Conveying speed: improving conveying speed can improve conveying capacity. When conveying distance is long, attention should be paid to belt conveying mechanical vibration, noise, starting, braking and other problems. The speed should not be too large in conveying. Component size: conveying machinery size package off high temperature conveyor belt width, half width, hopper volume, pipe diameter and container size, these parameters can directly affect the conveying capacity of conveying machinery. Conveying length and inclination: Conveying line length and inclination can directly affect the total resistance of conveying machinery and the required power.
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