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How should the pattern conveyor belt be operated?

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Update time : 2022-08-24 21:02:14
The pattern conveyor belt is also known as the flow line. Generally speaking, there are 4 aspects to consider: conveying capacity, conveying speed, component size, conveying length and Angle.
1. Conveying capacity: The quantity of conveying capacity of high temperature resistant conveyor belt conveying machinery per unit time. When transporting bulk materials, it should be calculated according to the mass or volume of each hour, and when transporting materials, it can be calculated according to the number of pieces per hour.
2. Conveying speed: in order to increase the volume of transport, the conveying speed of conveying machinery can be increased, but attention should be paid to the vibration and noise of conveying machinery when running the pattern conveyor belt at high speed.
3. Component size: this includes the bandwidth and length of the high-temperature conveyor belt of the conveying machinery, which will directly affect the conveying capacity of the conveyor belt conveying machinery.
4. Transportation length and Angle, the length and inclination of the conveying route will directly affect the total resistance and power of the conveying machinery.
How to carry out the delivery machinery operation?
1. Brief electrical operation.
2. How to start the motor? The motor starts, then opens the pattern conveyor belt to deliver the mechanical line at high speed with the meter switch, then the governor meter potentiometer slowly upward, so that the speed of rotation accelerates to the desired expression. Turn off the meter when the first governor potentiometer slowly drops to zero, then turn off the switch of the speedometer, and click the red button electric organ, you can stop the motor. Finally, the main switch.