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Knowledge of roller pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-29 10:21:33
There are many kinds of conveying machinery. The following is mainly to introduce the relevant knowledge about the conveying machinery of rolling pattern conveyor belt. In the process of production, the roller conveying machinery is a very common pattern conveyor belt conveying machinery, the characteristic is form of the roller conveying machinery has diversity and simple operation etc., these advantages can be widely applied to logistics transport system, let's look at what is the characteristics of the roller conveyor machinery:
1. Roller conveying machinery is also known as roller conveying machinery, which can be used to transport all kinds of bags and other goods. In case of bulk transportation, the materials shall be transported on pallets, and irregular materials shall also be transported on pallets.
2. The roller conveying machine can bear heavy material, but also can bear a large impact load and so on.
3. The roller conveyor has diversified forms, which can be divided into dynamic roller line and unpowered raceway line. According to the layout structure, it can be divided into horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and turning conveying, etc.
4. Compared with other conveying machinery, it is easier for the conveyer to transition and connect, and it can be designed into a more complex conveying system to fulfill various process requirements.
5. The roller conveyor can be used to accumulate and transport the materials.
6. The roller conveying machinery produced by the manufacturer of the pattern conveyor belt has the advantages of simple structure, smooth transportation, high reliability, easy to use and convenient maintenance, which are the biggest advantages of the roller conveying machinery.