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Operation and maintenance of pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-29 09:15:35
In this article, we mainly introduce the operation and maintenance of the decorative pattern conveyor belt.
1. Five points need to be paid attention to to eliminate the failure of the production equipment of the decorative pattern conveyor belt: first, the cleaning of the equipment, point inspection, pollution removal, lubrication and refueling, fastening points and so on. Second, we should comply with the use conditions of the decorative pattern conveyor belt, such as the early specification of the conveyor machinery, the need to pay attention to, meet the conditions, the third is for equipment maintenance, original replacement, maintenance, failure. Fourth, we should master the structure and function of the transmission machinery. Fifth, it should be based on the operator's independent preservation education and so on.
2. Maintenance and repair: standardize the maintenance and repair, give certain training and implementation, and adhere to the maintenance of the decorative pattern conveyor belt, the maintenance of the decorative pattern conveyor belt is mainly manual. The conveying equipment will do a good job of secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance. In order to reduce the abnormal operation of the transmission machinery, in the event of failure should be timely adjustment. Firmly cannot appear machine operation, without personnel management of the phenomenon. Should do a good job of conveyor spare parts acceptance storage and use work.
3. Equipment operation and detection: feasible equipment operation process should be prepared, the execution of inspection operation rules and other aspects, should be in accordance with the provisions of the regular inspection of the decorative pattern conveyor belt conveyor parts. The inspection system includes post-repair inspection, daily inspection and batch inspection. The pattern conveyor belt should avoid overload production. So when feeding again, it is not recommended to feed too much at one time, to avoid the appearance of the pattern conveyor belt overload production.