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Flame retardant conveyor belt skid solution

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Update time : 2022-11-09 11:11:07
Next, to share with you, the conveyor belt skid solution, are more practical knowledge points, you can see.
1, to know the cause of the conveyor belt skid, the best medicine. When the conveyor belt is in normal operation, the speed is lower than 95% of the roller speed, which will cause insufficient friction between the conveyor belt and the roller, resulting in the phenomenon of skid. There are many reasons why the friction between conveyor belt and roller is not enough.
2, the reason that the mine flame retardant conveyor belt manufacturers mention that the tension is not enough is nothing more than the tension stroke is not enough, the weight is not enough, the conveyor belt is too long and so on. When the tension is too small, the tension of the tensioner is not enough or the tensioner is stuck, the tension of the conveyor belt leaving the drum will not be enough, resulting in the conveyor belt skid. This phenomenon is generally occurred at the start of the solution is to adjust the tensioning device, take out the card or increase the counterweight to increase the initial tension.
3. The friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt is not enough, resulting in skid. Most of the reasons are that there is water on the conveyor belt or the environment is wet, and the friction coefficient is reduced. The solution is to add some rosin on the roller, but we should pay attention to not use the hand input, and the application of wind equipment blowing into, to avoid personal accidents.
4. The load on the conveyor belt is too large, exceeding the bearing capacity of the motor or starting too fast will also cause skid. The solution is that when the conveyor belt slips, the material conveyed on the conveyor belt should be reduced in time or start slowly; When skid does not turn, the conveyor belt should be stopped immediately and processed.
The above is to share the solution of the conveyor belt skid, are more common in the work of small fault problems, I wish you a happy work!
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