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Flame retardant conveyor belt covering glue

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Update time : 2023-02-17 15:41:10
Flame retardant conveyor belt covering adhesive should also have high mechanical strength, wear resistance, flame resistance and electrostatic conductivity characteristics.
① The selection of raw glue
The selection of raw glue is mainly considered from the processing technology and physical and mechanical properties of the covering glue. Flame retardant and carbon black are added to achieve the requirements of flame resistance and electrostatic conductivity.
② Choice of flame retardant system
The selection of refractory system is very important for refractory and electrostatic conductive products. Carbon black is a good reinforcing agent in rubber products and can effectively reduce the surface resistance of products. However, the use of carbon black often leads to flameless combustion of products (carbon black), which will have a very adverse effect on preventing flameless combustion of products. Therefore, how to effectively restrain flameless combustion of rubber products which use carbon black as reinforcing agent and conduct static electricity is an important problem to be considered in formula design. The results show that the combination of chlorinated paraffins and antimony trioxide is effective in preventing  flameless combustion but promoting flameless combustion. Although the system of chlorinated paraffin, decabromodiphenyl ether, aluminum hydroxide and zinc borate can effectively inhibit flameless combustion, the effect of flameless combustion is not significant enough. Therefore, the non-combustible system of nylon layered non-combustible conveyor belt covering glue is selected as the system of chlorinated paraffin, decabromodiphenyl ether, antimony trioxide, aluminum hydroxide and zinc borate.