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Correct selection of belt for belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-07 13:38:21
1, belt conveyor belt preselection
It is mainly the related requirements of the belt conveyor system for the conveyor belt, the rated requirements of the terrain environmental conditions and safety, the type, shape, particle size and characteristics of the conveying material, and the selection of the conveyor belt need to consider a lot of factors. There is no thermal action and chemical action, the requirements of maximum bandwidth, working tension and conveying capacity, minimum drum diameter, groove type and lateral stiffness, load support, curve section and transition section length, shortening method and stroke, receiving point and receiving condition, as well as the belt conveyor belt running cycle, impact and tear resistance requirements.
Short distance belt machine should choose polyester fabric core conveyor belt; The belt conveyor with large throughput, long distance, large lifting height and large tension should choose the steel wire rope core conveyor belt; The conveying material contains large size block material, and in the material point direct drop is larger, it is appropriate to choose anti-impact, anti-tear conveyor belt; The maximum number of layers of layered fabric core conveyor belt should not exceed 6 layers, and flame retardant conveyor belt should be selected in mine.
2. Selection of conveyor belt covering layer
The design of the thickness of the covering layer is based on the wear rate, the material conditions, the heat resistance of the covering layer, the impact resistance and the running cycle of the conveyor belt.
The performance of all kinds of rubber is also very different, such as natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber has good absorption and wear resistance, ethylene propylene rubber has heat resistance, NBR milk oil is good, polypropylene rubber is both heat and oxidation resistance, choose what type of covering rubber, must be considered comprehensively according to the types of conveying materials, operating conditions and working environment.
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