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Potential safety problems in the operation of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-07 13:28:53
Belt conveyor is a highly automated equipment, almost every production enterprise will use this equipment more or less, in the daily production process, the operator in the face of such a non-stop running machine, if not careful, it may lead to the person by Shanghai, only know where the source of danger, can effectively avoid the possible accidents, So what are the main dangerous sources of belt conveyor?
1. When the workers finish the task of connecting the belt, they need to start the belt to test the machine. At this time, the operators of the belt conveyor will secretly open the belt conveyor for operation under the premise of no control instructions. The main reason is illegal operation of belt drivers. The main reason was that the operation was not carried out in accordance with the requirements of safety technical measures, and the relevant instructions were not strictly implemented. Such a lesson was painful.
2. When the staff found that the belt roller slipped, they went to look for straw to fill the roller and the belt to solve the problem of slipping. In the process of stuffing, it was also because they did not take protective measures, resulting in the accidental death of the roller. The main reason for such an event is to operate without stopping the machine.
3, when the staff in the belt conveyor belt, in the belt has not been connected together, hastily start the belt conveyor machine to pull, resulting in the staff was involved in the roller death. The main reason for this kind of incident is that the staff in the vicinity of the belt roller did not evacuate, and started the belt conveyor to drag is the main cause of the incident.
4. The maintenance worker violated the technical instructions. When the belt conveyor was still working, he went down to the pit at the tail of the belt to check the belt cleanser. The reason for the occurrence of such an event is that the staff's safety awareness is indifferent, risk-taking blind, in the machine has not stopped into the belt tail pit is one of the reasons for the incident.
5. When workers step on the head of the belt conveyor at work to organize coal debris, they accidentally step on the connecting cylinder investigation window, and are stranded and disabled. The direct cause of the incident is: the connecting cylinder investigation window has no protective cover.
6. When the workers were inspecting the working condition of the belt at the belt head, they accidentally put their hands into the window because of the short cover of the connecting cylinder to investigate the window, resulting in their own injuries.
7. The belt driver illegally eradicated the floating coal in the belt roller in the work by hand, which was caught by the belt and the roll hole and twisted its arm.
8. The belt driver found sundries in the tail roller during the working time. Without stopping the belt work, he reached inside the roller to sort out sundries, and rolled them into the roller to death. Meanwhile, the tail drum without protective barrier equipment is also an important cause of the incident.
9. After the personnel lifted the cover of the tail of the belt and disposed of the floating coal, they did not cover the cover and did not break away from the tail, so that the belt was accidentally caught in the tail roller and died.
10, the belt conveyor is not focused, in the process of starting the belt to check whether the belt drum work is normal accidentally fell into the drum and died. During the ideological education of the staff is not in place, resulting in the indifferent safety consciousness of the staff, the bad mood of the day to the work can not self-regulation, the work is lax energy is the main cause of the incident.
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