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What's wrong with the conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-09-07 10:59:32
In the work of the conveyor belt, there will be occasional deviation and other fault conditions, so why the deviation? Let us have a detailed analysis, there are mainly three reasons for this: one is the frame or roller and no debug appropriate and result in heat resistant conveyor belt is not flat, the second is high temperature resistant conveyor belt is not perpendicular to the centerline not lead to high temperature resistant conveyor belt is S shape, three loading position is not in high temperature resistant conveyor belt in the middle of the position.
However, sometimes there will be a special case of the conveyor belt, that is, there is no deviation above it, but there is deviation below it. Why is this? Let's find out.
Conveyor belt of both sides are mutually dependent and, in some cases, the parallel condition and the level of the roller of roller is uneven, cause appears below the belt of conveyor belt running deviation, and the belt running deviation, above the fault mainly because of no good cleaning, lead to the rollers have some of the material, then roller and counterweight support to appear the deviation, of course, Specific problems need to be analyzed and solved.
The belt under the conveyor belt has run off course, which is relatively easy to solve. Can be used to strengthen cleaning, cleaning barrier, so that the roller and roller to keep clean and tidy, no material barrier, can also use the aligning roller, to solve the problem of the belt running off.