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What is the difference between belt conveyor and chain plate conveyor

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Update time : 2023-03-02 11:22:47
The main differences between belt conveyor and chain plate conveyor are as follows:
First, different appearance
Two, different materials
Belt conveyor belt is generally used rubber belt, according to the characteristics of different materials can choose rubber, silicone, PVC, PU, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and so on. Chain conveyor generally adopts carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain material.
3. Different application industries
The main users of belt conveyor transport bulk and finished materials, conveying material temperature is less than 60℃, coal, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, food, port and other industries.
Chain plate conveyor relies on scraper chain for conveying powder, particles and small block materials, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, metallurgy, coal and other industries.
Four, the throughput is different
Belt conveyor conveying distance can reach 203 meters, the conveying capacity range between 30~3000 tons/hour, chain plate conveyor conveying capacity can reach 80~240 cubic meters/hour, can be horizontal, inclined, vertical conveying distance as long as 40~90 meters.
Five, the working principle is different
The belt conveyor is a conveying machine that bypasses the head and tail drums to form a closed loop. It transmits power through the friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt to realize material conveying. Can be used for horizontal, tilt up, tilt down conveying materials.
Chain plate conveyor uses a series of chains fixed on the traction chain to supply traction, and uses metal plates as carriers to lead materials to be transported in a horizontal or skewed direction.
The above is the difference between the belt conveyor and the chain conveyor, the belt conveyor is suitable for light transport, low noise, low cost, chain conveyor is suitable for heavy transport, long life.