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Performance and Structure of Resistance Rubber Buffer Roller

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Update time : 2023-06-16 09:07:21

Resistance rubber buffer rollers in the conveyor belt industry are an important component used to support and guide conveyor belts. Its performance directly affects the operating efficiency and life of the conveyor belt, so it is very important to use a suitable resistance rubber buffer roller.

Resistance rubber buffer roller is composed of shell, bearing and sealing device. The shell is made of high-strength, high-rigidity steel pipe, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The thickness and hardness of the lining rubber should be selected according to the different materials to be conveyed, so as to achieve the best cushioning effect. Bearing selection should take into account load-bearing capacity and wear resistance to ensure long-term stability and reliability. The sealing device can prevent dust and pollutants from entering, and prolong the service life of the resistance rubber buffer roller.

The main function of the resistance rubber buffer roller is to prevent the conveyor belt from vibrating due to the impact of parabolic objects, thereby reducing the noise and wear of the conveyor belt and prolonging the service life of the conveyor belt. It can also reduce the bending and stretching of the conveyor belt due to the transportation of heavy objects, and at the same time provide a good support for the load of the conveyor belt.

The use of resistance rubber buffer rollers should also pay attention to some problems, such as preventing the impact and rolling of heavy objects on the rollers, preventing the corrosion of rubber by chemical media such as large amounts of humidity and acid-base salts, and regular lubrication and testing.

To sum up, the resistance rubber buffer roller is an important component in the conveyor belt industry. Its performance and structure have a direct impact on the operating efficiency and life of the conveyor belt. Therefore, many factors need to be considered when purchasing and using resistance rubber buffer rollers to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the conveyor belt.