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Manufacturing process of nylon conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-06-15 09:19:01

Nylon conveyor belt is a kind of transmission equipment widely used in industrial production. It has the advantages of simple structure, strong wear resistance and large bearing capacity. In view of the characteristics of this material, let's introduce its production process below.

First of all, the raw materials we need to prepare for making nylon conveyor belts are nylon fibers, polyurethane rubber, etc.These materials must be of high quality, as they determine the life and performance of the nylon conveyor belt.

Next comes the ingredients.Mix nylon fiber, polyurethane rubber, curing agent, etc. uniformly according to a certain ratio to make a mixture.The mixing time and temperature should be strictly controlled to ensure that the ratio of each group meets the standard requirements.

After mixing, the mixture is placed in a rubber processing machine for molding. In the process of processing, it is necessary to control the temperature and pressure to make the mixture as close as possible to the set level and form a whole and complete nylon conveyor belt.

Next is the cutting part. Cut the molded nylon conveyor belt into the required length, width or other shapes, while ensuring the accuracy and flatness of the overall size.

The final step is curing. Put the cut nylon conveyor belt into a high-temperature oven for heating and drying. At this time, the temperature and time should be controlled to make the nylon conveyor belt completely cured and meet the use standard.

After these steps, we have completed a nylon conveyor belt. Throughout the production process, we need to pay special attention to the quality of materials and the precision of operation, and pursue high-standard production technology. In this way, high-quality nylon conveyor belts can be produced, which is the icing on the cake for industrial production.