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How to repair a torn conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-09-15 19:16:47
Conveyor belt tearing is a common problem in its work, which will directly affect the service life of the conveyor belt. Compared with fracture, the repairable degree of this kind of damage is stronger. Generally speaking, the problem of conveyor belt tearing in specific production can be restored by some specific repair methods. The following is an introduction:
When the scale of edge damage is large, the conveyor belt manufacturer will use the process of restoring the edge size to carry out relevant repair work. This repair method can prevent the further development of the edge damage of the conveyor belt, and can maximize the recovery of the effective use area of the conveyor belt. The L-type polyurethane repair strip or polyurethane square repair strip can be glued on both sides and the lower side of the edge of the conveyor belt, and then filled with polyurethane V218 conveyor belt repair glue, so that the three-layer structure is integrated.
When the edge damage is small, we will choose the process of wrapping the edge to prevent the damaged part from expanding. The advantage of this repair method is that it can make the edge part of the conveyor belt upper and lower glue and core glue fusion as a whole, to achieve the ultimate purpose of protecting the conveyor belt.
The above two common conveyor belt repair methods are our common methods, I hope to help you.
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