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Development history and current situation of conveyor

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Update time : 2022-07-18 14:12:01
With the rapid development of economy, the rapid production of enterprises is inseparable from the automatic conveying system. In the composition of automatic conveying system, conveyor application is the material handling system mechanization and automation, an indispensable part.
The history of conveyor is very long, if you want to pursue the development of conveyor, the earliest can be traced to ancient China's high drum and water overturned car. These two use principle, and the design principle of modern conveyor is very similar, can be said to be the prototype of the development of modern conveyor.
Development course and present situation of conveyor
In foreign history, Archimedes, the Ancient Greek philosopher, invented a spiral water pump, using the continuous rotation of the screw, the use of liquid spiral pressure from a sealed chamber to another sealed chamber, and finally extrusion pump body. This kind of screw pump is the prototype of screw conveyor today.
In the past 30 years, with the development of industrial technology, social productivity and labor costs, the requirements for work efficiency are constantly improving. Delivery, logistics, factories, warehouses and other places in labor-intensive industries have a new pursuit of staff efficiency.
Naturally, in which the most used conveyor, transport equipment has made great progress. Now, the direction of conveyor development can be roughly divided into the following types:
1, turn conveyor: suitable for all kinds of production plants, small and medium-sized goods logistics, power system adopts frequency control system, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation, linear speed is generally in 30 meters per minute.
2, climbing belt conveyor: the use of continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt, conveying items below 500kg, or powder, granular items. Climbing belt conveyor is used in high and low difference, can complete continuous transmission, smooth and roller conveyor, or chain plate conveyor connection.
Development course and present situation of conveyor
3. Narrow belt conveyor: it is mainly composed of two end rollers and a closed conveyor belt, which is driven by the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt. In addition to pure material handling, it can also be matched with various industrial production processes to handle requests, forming a rhythmic streamlined traffic line.
4, telescopic belt conveyor: telescopic belt conveyor is in the ordinary belt conveyor to increase the telescopic mechanism, making the belt machine can be free in the direction of length, telescopic belt machine can be two-way operation conveying materials, reduce the cost of loading and unloading, improve work efficiency.
Now because the global environmental pollution is more serious, domestic energy conservation and emission reduction policies are put forward to ensure the survival and living environment of Our country. Nature of environmental protection requirements for all walks of life, there is a new round of promotion. Therefore, it is predicted that the conveyor industry will develop in the following directions according to the national policy and strategy:
1. Conveyor continues to develop to large scale.
Large scale includes large conveying capacity, large single machine length and large conveying Angle. The length of hydraulic conveyors has reached more than 440 kilometers.
At present, the length of the single belt conveyor has been nearly 15 kilometers, and has appeared by a number of components of the connection between a and B "belt conveyor". Many countries are exploring a more perfect conveyor structure for conveying materials continuously for long distance and large volume.
Development course and present situation of conveyor
2, expand the scope of use of conveyor.
To develop conveyors that can work under high temperature and low temperature conditions, corrosive, radioactive and inflammable materials, and transport hot, explosive, easy to agglutinative and viscous materials.
3, make the structure of the conveyor to meet the requirements of the automatic control of the material handling system for single machine.
For example: the post office used automatic parcel sorting trolley conveyor should be able to meet the requirements of sorting action.
4, reduce the energy consumption of conveyor to save energy, has become an important aspect of scientific research in the field of transportation technology. The energy consumed to transport 1 ton of material for 1 km is taken as one of the important indicators of conveyor selection.
5, reduce the dust, noise and exhaust gas generated by all kinds of conveyor in operation.
Conveyer prospect is immeasurable, the output value of this industry, will reach a new height. Because the conveyor conveying, not only simple goods and equipment, but also to promote the power of social development, is also the footprint of human civilization and future development direction.
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