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Classification of non-slip conveyor belts

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Update time : 2023-05-17 10:03:15
The main function of the non-slip conveyor belt is to transport materials that are easy to slip. The non-slip conveyor belt is a special processing form, adding raised patterns on the surface of the conveyor belt, that is, the patterned conveyor belt. So what are the common non-slip conveyor belts?
1. Herringbone pattern
The surface of the belt presents a unique herringbone pattern, which can be open or closed. Moreover, according to different needs and uses, these patterns are also divided into three types: high, medium and low.
Two, stripe pattern
The strip pattern on the belt surface is higher than the belt body itself.The patterns are divided into three types: high, medium and low. Each pattern is also different according to the arrangement spacing, and the classification is combed and dense.
The granular pattern on the belt surface can not only make the belt more beautiful, but also play a certain anti-slip effect. Moreover, the shapes of these patterns are also very diverse. There are forms that are higher than the belt body or recessed into the belt body, and can even be made into square hole shapes, prismatic shapes, and cloth patterns.
Four, fan-shaped pattern
A scalloped belt is a high patterned belt with many semi-scalloped or circular patterns. When the tape is grooved, these patterns are very clear and form a complete fan or semicircle.
For non-slip conveyor belts, due to the different industries used, different conveyed materials and different conveying inclination angles, the required pattern shapes and heights are also different. These designs are not only elegant, but more importantly, they can improve the friction and anti-skid performance of the conveyor belt, which plays a vital role in industrial production.