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Working principle and performance of bucket elevator

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Update time : 2022-12-26 11:16:14
The conveying principle of the bucket elevator is: the hopper scoops up the material from the storage below, with the conveyor belt or chain to the top, around the jacking wheel after turning down, the bucket elevator will dump the material into the receiving slot. Belt drive bucket elevator transmission belt generally uses rubber belt, installed in the lower or upper transmission drum and the upper and lower reversing drum. Chain drive bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chain, on or below a pair of drive sprocket, below or above is a pair of sprocket. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with a housing to prevent dust in the bucket elevator.
1, driving power is small, the use of inflow feeding, induced unloading, large capacity hopper intensive layout. There is almost no return and digging phenomenon when the material is lifted, so the ineffective power is less.
2, a wide range of lifting, this kind of elevator on the type of material, characteristics of less requirements, not only can enhance the general powder, small granular materials, but also can enhance the material with large grinding cut. Good sealing, less environmental pollution.
3, long service life, elevator feed to take inflow type, no need to use bucket digging, rarely extrusion and collision between materials. This machine is designed to ensure that the material in the feeding, discharging less scattered, reduce mechanical wear.
4, good operation reliability, advanced design principle and processing method, ensure the reliability of the machine operation, trouble-free time more than 20,000 hours. High lifting height. The elevator runs smoothly and can reach a higher lifting height of the conveyor belt.
The operation must abide by the principle of "start without load, stop without load". That is, the first boot, to operate normally, and then feed; The machine should be emptied of materials before stopping. When working, the feed should be uniform, the discharge pipe should be unobstructed, so as not to cause blockage. In case of blockage, stop feeding immediately and stop the machine, pull the socket plate to remove the blockage. Be careful not to reach directly into the base at this time. During normal operation, the hopper belt should be in the middle of the barrel. If the run-off phenomenon or loose pan belt is found to cause friction between the hopper and the barrel, adjust it through the tensioning device in time. Strictly prevent large foreign objects from entering the frame,  so as not to crush the hopper and affect the normal operation of the bucket elevator.When conveying materials that have  not been preliminarily cleaned,  iron nets should be installed at the feed inlet to prevent fibrous impurities such as straw, wheat straw,  and ropes from entering the machine frame and causing winding blockage. The tension degree of the hopper belt of the elevator should be checked regularly, and the connection between the hopper and the hopper belt is firm. If the conveyor belt is found to be loose, falling off, hopper skewed and damaged,  it should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid more serious consequences. In case of sudden stop, the material stored in the frame should be discharged before starting up.
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