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Working principle and advantages of mobile telescopic belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-07-20 10:00:42
Conveyor development so far, conveyor has developed into a number of categories, a variety of types of conveyor. Today we mainly introduce the product is "mobile telescopic belt telescopic conveyor". The following small series from the following three points to introduce the working principle and advantages of mobile telescopic belt conveyor.
First, the working principle of mobile telescopic belt conveyor
Movable telescopic belt conveyor can be used in a single machine to complete the product forward and reverse transmission loading and unloading, and up or down loading and unloading. Can also with the elevator, roller conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, assembly line and so on to form a complete automatic conveying system, complete the product from raw materials into the factory to production, assembly, finished product storage, factory loading and a series of operations.
Two, mobile telescopic belt conveyor advantages
1, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce the damage rate of goods, shorten the loading and unloading time of vehicles, ships and planes;
2, complete the transmission, loading and unloading work of goods and parts, applicable to the raw materials into the factory to production, assembly, finished product storage, export loading and other work;
3, widely used in ports, docks, stations, airports, warehouses, mines, posts and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food and other industries loading and unloading;
4, is an effective equipment for enterprises to reduce product cost, improve efficiency and product quality;
5, conveyor section number: two, three, four, five;
6, length range: 3 ~ 26m;
7, stretch length: adjustable; Expansion speed: five-stage speed regulation; Conveyor Angle: 4 degrees; Conveying speed: fixed speed or five speed regulation;
8, conveying direction: one-way or two-way;
9, fixed section base: fixed type or mobile type;
10, conveyor belt type: rubber, reinforced PVC, modular plastic conveyor belt, etc.
11, conveyor bearing capacity: 60 kg/m;
Three, the characteristics of mobile telescopic belt conveyor
Telescopic belt conveyor is a belt conveyor with scalability, transport distance can be adjusted in a certain range. The machine through the same conveyor belt to complete assignments is conveying, the conveying distance change depend on the fixed frame and relative mobile telescopic racks and implementation, when the telescopic frame extended or retracted, conveyor transmission length L can be changed, the machine has compact structure, flexible control, with flexible continuous adjustable, and the conveyor belt surface smooth without disabilities, forward and reverse operation can change at any time.
Telescopic belt machine is by the flexible conveyor belt as a material bearing continuous conveying equipment, according to the friction transmission principle, driven by the transmission drum conveyor belt, conveyor belt winding to the drum, and by the telescopic linkage mechanism drag action back and forth action, so that the conveyor belt free expansion.
Telescopic belt conveyor can be in horizontal, slope positive and negative direction of the expansion to transport mail, blocks and articles. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of postal, newspaper, machinery, chemical, electrical and electronic, food processing and other industries and supporting other conveying equipment to form a complete automatic conveying system.
Its characteristics are in a certain range of arbitrary variable distance transmission, small footprint, multiple functions, low power consumption, low noise, strong transmission capacity. Objects can be directly into any position in the carriage, reduce labor intensity to a greater extent, reduce the damage rate of goods circulation, is the ideal equipment for enterprises to reduce product costs.