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Why does the conveyor belt sound during operation?

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Update time : 2022-10-14 17:25:07
Some conveyor belt running sound, what is the reason? Let's see why it makes that noise.
If the conveyor belt extension is not exceeded, you should pay attention if your vehicle is equipped with an active tensioner. First start the transmitter, try to load the auxiliary transmission mechanism, and then observe the belt tensioning arm; When the engine is working, the suspension tube of the belt tensioner should have a small displacement. If the belt pretensioner is not removable, the starter closes and the worker moves the starter within the travel of the belt pretensioner suspension tube for a displacement of approximately 1/4 inch.
If the belt tensioner cannot move, it means that the belt tensioner is faulty and should be replaced in time. If the belt tensioner cantilever is offset by more than 1/4 inch, the spring load is significantly too small, which can cause the belt to slip. If the ordinary belt is removed again, just replace the belt tensioner as usual.
If the belt is not overstretched and the active tensioning device is in good working order, check that the belt working face can be polished like a mirror. This is a classic example of a belt slipping due to excessive wear. The paint on the pulley surface is evidence of slippage.
If the belt creaks only in wet weather, the belt and pulley surfaces will also be lubricated. Let's do the same experiment: run the auxiliary train under load and sprinkle water on the hose. If there is noise, please replace the belt.
Although the pulley surface is mounted backwards due to dirt such as sand or old belts, the belt may retract due to prolonged screaming or ear-proofing noise, but this is usually caused by incorrect removal of the auxiliary mechanism.
If the new car is about to start when abnormal sound, may be the original quality is not good. Examine the relevant parts that you think may be causing the problem. If the above noise occurs on older vehicles, you should consider whether you can completely replace some of the auxiliary actuator fittings. Carefully check the replacement parts to see if the mounting bracket is firm and secure. In addition, the gasket or bushing can be removed from the pulley by keeping it in place during installation.
Remove the timing gear belt and adjust immediately after installation. This is the reason for indicating the direction of rotation of the timing belt. If the fashion gear is removed after the timing gear has been removed for other maintenance work, a sharp rear ear squeak can be heard during belt movement. Try reversing the belt installation direction to see if the problem can be eliminated.
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