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Where can I use the pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-10-22 11:12:43
Field of the coal industry, metallurgical now many, so the pattern conveyor belt are as common tools of industrial production, composed of multiple components pattern conveyor belt, steel wire rope conveyor belt manufacturer in order to be able to guarantee the use effect and service life of the conveyor belt, the rubber parts are used by various choices, in general, the commonly used rubber mainly has four kinds: Masking adhesive, buffer adhesive, cloth layer adhesive and cloth layer adhesive. So how to determine the proportion of these kinds of glue?
For the covered rubber conveyor belt using covered rubber, it is easy to produce impact wear and even corrosion materials when conveying objects, and it is also accompanied by the aging effect of the steel wire rope conveyor belt itself. In this case, the conveyor belt has requirements for rubber materials. The tensile strength and wear resistance of the covering rubber are relatively high, and it has the characteristics of aging resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the cover of the rubber conveyor belt. In the formula, the general raw rubber is mainly natural rubber, rubber content is about 50%. The traditional coordination system of sulfur and promoters, M and DM, is still used in the sulfur system.
The main function of buffer glue is to increase the adhesive force, so it is used to cover the adhesive layer and the core layer. In this way, it can play a buffer role and disperse the impact force of the material, and the buffer glue itself has the characteristics of large elasticity, less heat and good heat dissipation, ensuring good adhesion. Used in buffer glue, accelerant M, MD, TMTD systems.
For horizontal operation of the conveyor, the old conveyor can be cut off at any point, conveyor tilt direction, need to choose the cut off point, to prevent weight caused by sliding out of control. After the new belt is placed in a good position on the conveyor, one end of the belt is fixed with a fixture, and then the roller is connected with the rope of the pulley, and the conveyor belt balances the traction device on the conveyor through the belt. During traction, the conveyor belt and frame should be prevented from squeezing each other.
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