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When the conveyor belt is damaged, how to repair it

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Update time : 2022-09-01 19:48:13
Conveyor belt is widely used in production activities, when used for a certain time, there will be large and small problems, which is also very normal. Among these complex problems, there is a common problem, that is, the conveyor belt appears damaged. Conveyor belt damage can be subdivided into these aspects, one is damage on both sides, one is damage in the middle, or large area damage. When these problems occur, we will definitely try to fix them instead of replacing them directly. The following is to introduce the repair methods of these conveyor belts, which are summed up in three categories.
The first type is heat treatment repair. It is well known that heat treatment is a method to maximize the strength of joints. It is also a common method of repair. The most commonly used is hot vulcanized material, through a specific tool, the material will be evenly spread in the damaged position, wait for a certain time, can be. This kind of repair can restore the damaged area very smooth, without leaving a mark. So this is a very popular method.
The second is cold treatment repair. In contrast to hot repair, cold treatment repair is the use of chemical materials such as cold adhesives, through a series of special tools, the material is spread in the damaged location, so that it can be restored. This treatment has the advantage that it can effectively avoid further damage to the conveyor belt.
The third is mechanical repair. Mechanical repair conveyor belt is still widely used in production and life, because the tools used can be easily found in daily life, such as nails and other metal accessories. The damaged parts can be connected with metal fittings.