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What problems should we pay attention to when installing the conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-08-31 20:38:18
Conveyor with a variety of models, these models are mostly classified according to the coefficient of the product, no matter what kind of conveyor belt has the same precautions to pay attention to in the installation, then talk about the conveyor belt in the installation is to pay attention to what problems:
1. Before installation, it should be noted that the number of mechanical parts of the whole conveyor belt must be counted.
2. It is necessary to check and remove whether the surface of each component is damaged during the processing, loading, unloading and handling, and the conveying machinery should be adjusted in time after falling dust and dirt in the handling process.
3. In order to avoid accumulation on the broken mine, there must be enough space at the bottom to install the conveying equipment.
4. When installing the conveyor belt, apply the protective layer on the contact surface, and note that the installation and debugging can be carried out only after the protective layer is dry.
In order to ensure that the conveyor belt is not damaged, it must be protected on the basis. The depth of the base can be determined by the user according to the local geological conditions.
Whether it is replacing the lifting belt or installing the lifting belt, it should be carried out carefully. Excessive operation will often damage the surface of the conveyor belt, and once the surface of the conveyor belt is damaged, it will constantly deepen the degree of damage, and then cause the conveyor belt can not be used.
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