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What problems should be paid attention to when installing a large inclination conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-08-12 09:50:03
The large inclination conveyor belt is more and more widely used in today's industrial production, and people are more and more dependent on the large inclination conveyor belt. It has always been believed that the conveyor belt with large inclination Angle is a kind of supplies that are easy to wear and tear. It costs a lot to replace and repair the conveyor belt with large inclination Angle. As everyone knows, there are many factors that affect the service life of the high-inclination conveyor belt, such as the improper installation process at the beginning, it will accelerate the wear of the high-inclination conveyor belt. Therefore, what problems should be paid attention to in the process of installation of large inclination conveyor belt? Let Xiaobian to tell you.
Before the installation of the large inclination conveyor belt, the installation here not only includes the installation of a new large inclination conveyor belt but also includes the replacement of the old white conveyor belt. Before installation, the length of the conveyor belt should be determined first, and the white conveyor belt and the conveyor belt with large inclination Angle can not be connected, resulting in the problem of counterweight hitting the ground and starting skid. In the process of joint at the same time, the installation personnel also need to consider the large Angle conveyor belt of plastic deformation and elastic deformation, considering the two factors of reason is that in order to avoid the installation of large Angle conveyor belt at the time there is no problem, it's no problem for me to test, but due to low configuration location counterweight prolapse after running for a period of time, thus having started hitting the ground.
Proper large inclination conveyor belt installation should fully consider the seasonal factors, the conveyor belt after installation length is moderate, the summer installation temperature is high, the conveyor belt expansion rate is large, the winter temperature is low, the conveyor belt expansion rate is small, in addition, also need to reserve a joint amount.