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What is the difference between polyurethane conveyor belt and nylon conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-07-27 10:08:45
Polyurethane conveyor belt compared with the general and nylon conveyor belt features:
Polyester canvas is used as the frame, its structure is the same as the general conveyor belt, with light body, thin, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, good grooving, low elongation, good scale thermal stability, high wet strength, is the development direction of fabric core conveyor belt.
The impact and tear resistant polyester belt with transverse reinforcement layer has the advantages of the general structure polyester belt, but also has higher impact resistance ability and more excellent tear resistance function. There are EP and DSEP in the core layer. The material for DSEP is high modulus and low shrinkage type, and the scale stability is better at room temperature and high temperature.
Mainly used for long distance, large load, strong chemical corrosion and other conditions, strict occasions, especially suitable for humid environment.
According to the structure, in addition to the general stacked structure, there are also transverse reinforced layer of impact resistance, tear resistant polyester conveyor belt.
According to the use of disposal, in addition to the general use, there are acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, conductive static electricity and other types.
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