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What is the difference between electric roller and drive roller of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-16 18:45:51
The belt conveyor steering drum and transmission drum are distinguished in the simplest way: for example, the two wheels of a bicycle, the rear wheel is the driving drum, the front wheel is the steering drum.
The reversing drum, also known as the guide drum, is a common key part of the belt conveyor, mainly under the movement of the conveyor belt, such as the conveyor belt transport direction is left, then the reversing drum is on the right side of the belt conveyor, the main structure for bearings and steel cylinder; The reversing drum is generally at the tail of the conveyor, where the conveyor belt changes its direction of movement, or presses the conveyor belt to increase the Angle between it and the driving drum.
The driving drum is the driving wheel of the belt conveyor. It must be used with the supporting motor and reducer to drive the belt conveyor and play a driving role.
There is no big difference in structure between the reversing drum and the driving drum, which are composed of the spindle drum bearing and the bearing room. The driving drum is divided into two kinds: main drive and driven.
Electric roller with motor can directly drive the belt conveyor, motor or built-in or external;
The driving drum is the main part of the belt conveyor to transmit power. The driving modes of the belt conveyor include single drum, double drum and multiple drum. The single roller is mainly used in conveyors with less power, such as ground transportation of coal mines and coal preparation plants. The underground belt conveyor generally adopts double roller to make the conveyor structure compact.
The driving drum can be divided into three kinds from steel plate rolling welding, cast steel and cast iron. From the structure type, there are three kinds: assembly spoke plate type, spoke plate type and whole spoke plate type. In addition, the surface of the drum also has smooth surface, coating, casting glue and other types; Among them, the steel plate welding assembly of spoke plate casting roller is the most widely used.