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What is the composition structure of the baffle conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-10-22 11:01:00
Baffle conveyor belt is a common conveyor belt. The cover is used to prevent slipping when transporting goods. Because it has the advantages of small footprint and large transportation volume, it is widely used in all walks of life. What is the product structure of the protective conveyor belt? Although more common, but many partners are not particularly understand, let's have a detailed understanding.
Baffle conveyor belt has excellent function and wide application. The usual wave protection conveyor belt is composed of three parts: base band, wave baffle and diaphragm. The choice of the wave marginal coefficient is that the conveyor belt passes through the roller and convex and concave arcs, the edge is not subject to large additional stress, compression, and can be elastic. There are rectangular, S, W, and WM wavefronts; S is commonly used.
Select W and WM corrugated edge guards. The center of the small waveform and diaphragm can form a good sealing structure of the conveyor belt. The structure composition of baffle conveyor belt is conducive to conveying powdery materials with large inclination Angle. Diaphragm has T, C, TC, TS, TCS five kinds. Conveyor belts can be divided into four types according to the combination of baseband, diaphragm and wave edge. The choice of combination of conveyor belt and wave shield depends on the view point of conveyor and the position of conveyor belt.
The function of the base belt will greatly affect the function of the baffle conveyor belt. In order to improve the transverse stiffness of the edge guard conveyor belt, the transverse torsional deformation of the seat load can be minimized, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the belt body and reduce the transverse bearing deformation body of the belt.
It can be specially arranged between each layer of flat base band and multi-layer tensioning body canvas. The special structure of winding polyester staple fiber is selected to improve the function of the base band. In practice, the principle of this approach is to strengthen the bending capacity of the edge protection conveyor belt. Compared with the structure and stability of the general transport belt, the use of composite rubber layer and transverse steel wire can greatly improve the transverse stiffness value of the belt body.
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