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What are the ways of heat resistant conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-10-12 20:44:55
High temperature resistant conveyor belt is mainly used to transport pellets, pellets, cement clinker, dry concrete, lime powder, urea solution and other continuous high temperature solid raw materials. It accounts for the proportion of inorganic fertilizers. Accounting for 15%-20% of the total output value of the conveyor belt.
What are the ways of heat resistant conveyor belt? (Conveyor belt)
In concentrators and metal smelting companies, the calcined blocks are porous structure, heavy, obtuse Angle raw materials, cooled to a certain level according to the cooling mechanism. After refrigeration, into the conveyor belt, generally must be cooled to 50~150°C, but the temperature of individual raw materials may still reach 500 ~700°C. If the refrigeration standard is damaged, the calcination environment temperature will reach 700~ 1000 ℃. Under this standard, conveyor belts are likely to be damaged by damage, cracking, ignition of the work surface, peeling of the covering plastic, core layer, etc., and in some cases can ignite.
Iron pellets produced by plastic pelleting machines are baked and cooled before entering the conveyor belt, where they are usually damaged at ambient temperatures of 100-40°C.
Coke, light weight, strong corrosion resistance. The ambient temperature of the dry quenching device is 100~250°C, while the ambient temperature of the wet test quenching device is 100~150°C, and the ambient temperature of the 3%~5% coke is 500 ~ 1000 ℃. This portion of incandescent material will ignite and ignite the frame layer according to the running surface of the conveyor belt. Ignition and fire accidents can also occur when the flaming coke falls on the conveyor belt.
What are the ways of heat resistant conveyor belt? (Conveyor belt)
In the casting unit, the ambient temperature of the various items entering the conveyor belt is 40 to 500 °C. Generally, the conveyor belt can be damaged by damage, burning and delamination. When the uncooled hot raw material is discharged into the conveyor belt, the safety accident of radio transmitter fire accident may also occur. As mentioned above, the ultra-high temperature resistant conveyor belt is the most stringent conveyor belt in the production of metallurgical industry, calcination, coking plant and casting industry. The main factor of conveying belt damage is the aging damage of plastic products and frame under continuous high temperature; Heat can also cause conveyor belt ignition, fire accidents, and initial damage to conveyor belts.